Monday, September 14, 2015

D-BAL Review (Dianabol Pill Alternative)

D-BAL Review: Safe, Effective Bulking, Mass Gain Pills

If you love the idea of having big muscles, D-BAL is here. On top of that it helps you achieve these muscles fast and a more efficient manner.

So what is D-BAL? To answer your question, it is a supplement that acts as alternative to steroids mimicking the effects of methandrostrenolone which is a grand steroid, producing timely results such as increased mass, strength, and muscles.

Its major effect is to gain lean muscle mass in one’s body quickly making the user feel the effects as those of steroids. This in turn, promotes or improves your strength, muscle size, and your general body mass. 

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What you didn't know

The drug is developed by Crazybulk to mimic the drug, Dianabol that was developed by John Zeigler for the Ciba, a Swiss Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company about seventy years ago.

The purpose of the drug was to help the American Athletes who were performing so poorly in their international games. It was developed to replace the testosterone that they believed was being used in other parts of the world. The task was to produce a safer product with no side effects but still acts like the testosterone.


How it works

D-BAL is both anabolic and androgenic. It works on the basis of nitrogen retention. This is much faster than most steroids in the market. Furthermore, since it is taken orally, it acts fast enough resulting to visible results in just a few days.

How does this come to light? Nitrogen being one of the building blocks of protein, is directly proportional to protein synthesis. In other words, as your muscles holds or rather retain more nitrogen, the more protein is produced hence your muscles grow bigger.

If you workout often, then you probably know that, the more you work out the more you tear your muscles and proteins just come to the aid by repairing and building them.


How to take it

The supplement is taken approximately 45mins after your workout. The recommended dosage is three capsules per day with water. Furthermore, most experts recommend incorporating a desired diet and a workout program if you want to see better results. In addition, it should be used for a minimum of about two months.



  • It is cheaper compared to the other steroids,
  • It is much safer compared to steroids available in the market,
  • It works faster,
  • Users receive more mass,
  • It improves the strength, and stamina of the users.


Side effects

To be precise, the only side effect is the muscle pains that users experience but that has since been ruled out as a working mechanism. Experts have said that that pain cannot be avoided as that is your muscle growing or getting bigger. But other effects may include: Oily skin, and hair growth.

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