Saturday, September 12, 2015

5 Methods For Bigger Chest

5 Methods For Bigger Chest

The most important thing for all teenage boys who want to build their chest muscle is first of all to understand that it is simple and not as hard as it may look. 

Basically you should start with the basic steps that are simple yet effective. And being a teenager, you have great advantage as your body tends to grow fast and bigger due to high production of growth hormones.

Below is 5 simple methods that you can follow to increase your chest muscle and get rid of that sunken bony chest;

1. Build foundation  

   First you need to get bigger and stronger. You should be able to eat enough food to gain the right weight. You should take in right amount of calories in your food at interval periods of 3 hours. You can also do some squats and dead lifts as it will help you to increase production of hormones that will help you in growth and building of muscle.

2. Bench press exercise

The bench press is considered to be best muscle chest builder. You can start with weight that you can consider being manageable to you. Do some few preps like 10 for can then try to add some more weight to test how far your body will take the added weights. 

It is important to know that as a teen your body is steel developing so just be patient and not try to push yourself too much.

3. Do inclined dumbbell press exercises

This type of dumbbell press is inclining so that exercise itself focuses on the chest area. This exercise is able to give you a rounded look of your pectorals. You can start with a bit hard weights to challenge yourself and see how many preps you can achieve. It is good to make sure that you don’t let your elbow to come below the shoulders during the preps.

4. Bar dip exercise

The exercise will basically focuses on building your chest muscle by relying on your weight as you move up and down. You can challenge yourself by doing as much preps as possible. If your shoulders are capable you can add weights as you perform the exercise.

5. Push-ups

For push-ups you can do with your palms or fist whichever you are comfortable with. You can try to do as many reps as you can and you can even add weight to increase the exercises intensity.

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